I Haven’t Seen A Dentist in Years

dental services Simi Valley CAWhether you moved to a new city, had a baby, or lost your job, there are a lot of reasons why you have put seeing your dentist on the backburner. It’s easy to do, actually, until your teeth start to bother you. The truth is, getting regular dental cleanings can help you prevent those nagging toothaches or sensitivities that come and go (or, even worse, give you constant pain).

If you haven’t seen a dentist in a while, then make today the day you call to make an appoint for a cleaning and check up. Keep reading to refresh yourself on what to expect during a dental cleaning and check up.

Before the Cleaning

Before your dental cleaning, you’ll be asked to fill out some paperwork and provide insurance information (if you are using insurance). If you are not using insurance, ask us what your options are. We want you to know what you’re getting, and how you’re paying for it without stress.

After the paperwork is settled, we’ll take you back into your own room to discuss your teeth and start the cleaning. We’ll ask you if you’re currently experiencing sensitivity or pain in your mouth, which can help us zero in on the heart of the problem.

X-rays might also be recommended for you, especially if you haven’t been in the office in over a year. These just help us see more of your teeth and their overall health.

The Cleaning

The cleaning is usually performed by a hygienist, who will go over each tooth to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Don’t worry: everyone has some level of tartar buildup. Removing it helps prevent cavities later on.

Flossing will help remove any residual plaque, and will also ensure that each tooth is free of debris. After the floss, your teeth will be polished with a spinning toothbrush-like tool. Your teeth will feel fresh and clean when you’re done.


After the cleaning is over, your dentist will come in to examine your teeth. The X-rays can help identify issues that aren’t easy to see with the naked eye, and your dentist may use some handheld tools to go over your teeth. If you have cavities or other dental issues, your dentist will discuss them with you, as well as your options for treatment.

Having regular cleanings can help prevent costly dental treatments like root canals and crowns, so call us today at (805) 584-1194 to schedule a consultation with us!

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