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Teeth Whitening Simi Valley, CA

Beautiful Teeth for Summer

Spring is a great for so many things. We’re clearing out the clutter in the garage, and getting rid of clothes that have just been sitting in the closet for years. It’s also when we really commit to looking our best for swimsuit season, so we’re hitting the gym and trying to eat better. But, […]

Teeth Whitening | Simi Valley, CA

White, Bright Teeth for The New Year

Are you suffering from a smile that doesn’t want to be seen in Simi Valley? So many of us have been self conscious about our smiles at one point or another. And while many of us get braces to correct crooked teeth, fewer opt for teeth whitening. But why? Whitening your teeth isn’t superficial, especially […]

Teeth Whitening Simi Valley, CA

How To Whiten Your Teeth Safely

Many things can lead to teeth stains: tobacco use; drinking coffee, tea, or wine; and even eating certain berries might lead your smile to dull over time. In fact, almost everything we put into our mouths will lead to a slight staining over time. We’d avoid so many things if the resulting stains were instantaneous. […]

Teeth Whitening Simi Valley, CA

Whiter Teeth for the New Year

Does your list of New Year’s resolutions include having a brighter and whiter smile? If not, it should. Here’s why: studies show that people with whiter teeth are perceived as more successful, friendly, and more likely to get a job offer. On the other hand, those with stained teeth are viewed as less capable and […]



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