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The Dental Implant Process (Step-by-Step)

Implants can restore not only your smile but also function. Some patients have been struggling without molars, incisors (front teeth), canines (pointed teeth), and premolars for years before they finally get implants, and they’re amazed by the difference. This transformation is thanks to the dental implant process. These are the five easy steps of getting dental […]

When Should I Consider Implants To Retain My Full Dentures in Place?

The use of full dentures is a great way for patients with full tooth loss on the upper and/or lower arch to restore the function of their smiles. If you have full dentures, however, and have been considering implant-retained dentures, there are a few things to take into consideration. Dental implants placed along the dental […]

How can dental implants be restored?

Dental implants placed by a provider are a long-term solution to tooth loss. However, these titanium implants can be used in many different ways, depending on how they are restored. Dr. Patterson and his team in Simi Valley, CA, can talk to you about the various ways implants can be restored based on the patient’s […]

Restoration options provided for patients with dental implants

Dental implants are a popular restorative choice for many patients in the area of Simi Valley, California. Dr. Robert D. Bankhardt finds that many individuals will benefit from these long-term restorations used to replace one or more missing teeth. The versatility of dental implants is what makes them a viable option for many different situations. […]

Visit our dental team for dental implants

Dental implants are an outstanding choice for patients who are looking for a permanent way to replace missing teeth. However, many patients are unsure how they work and what to expect with the procedure process. Dr. Robert D. Bankhardt of Simi Valley, California is excited to educate patients on dental implants and answer some of […]

Visit our dental team for dental implants

Dr. Robert D. Bankhardt and his professionals in Simi Valley, California know how missing or extracted teeth can impact one’s smile. Not only does the loss of one or more teeth affect the appearance of the smile, but it can also cause a domino effect of problems for the patient over time. Existing teeth may […]


Who is a desirable candidate for dental implants?

At the practice of Dr. Robert D. Bankhardt, Simi Valley area patients who have experienced tooth loss may be unsure as to the best solution for their needs. Our practice is equipped to provide many different options for patients to consider, including dentures, bridges, and dental implants. Dental implants are still one of the leading […]

Restoring the smile with dental implants

After a tooth has been extracted or lost, patients will notice that not only does their smile no longer look as beautiful as it once did, but it also does not function the same. Patients may have trouble speaking properly to others and may be unable to chew their food for proper digestion. Additionally, if […]



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