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A man pointing to his smile showing healthy teeth from periodontal dentistry

Periodontal Dentistry: What Is It?

What is periodontal dentistry? It focuses on the health of your gums and the structures supporting your teeth. The term “periodontal” means “around the tooth.” This branch of dentistry aims to prevent, diagnose, and treat conditions affecting these areas. Healthy gums are crucial for overall oral health and well-being. Periodontal care can help manage conditions such as […]

The inflammation that comes with gum disease

At the practice of Dr. Patterson in Simi Valley, CA, we continue to watch the progression of research studies over the year to note trends or concerns in the field of dentistry. We also are urged to learn more about the way oral health impacts one’s overall health through what is known as the “oral-systemic […]

What causes pale gum tissue?

When changes occur in the mouth, it is essential to discuss these issues with a dental professional. This includes the color of the gum tissue. If you notice that your gums are pale, it is time to speak to your dentist about this change and learn more about what has caused it. Pale gums can […]

boy with black hoodie is smoking cigarette outdoor

How chewing and smoking tobacco negatively impacts your oral health

Did you know that smoking or chewing tobacco can have a negative impact on your oral health? Tobacco use is the leading cause of oral cancer in the United States, and it can also lead to gum disease and other oral health problems. Dr. Patterson of Simi Valley, CA can discuss with patients the dangers […]

Man in pain holding his cheek with hand, suffering from bad tooth ache

Risks of gum disease

At the practice of Dr. Casey Patterson in Simi Valley, CA, patient who are at risk of developing gum disease will often have questions for their dentist about how to reduce the chances of experiencing this common yet damaging infection. Gum disease, also referred to by our team as periodontal disease, is a condition that […]

Periodontal Services Simi Valley, CA

When scaling and root planing may be required to save the smile

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, impacts millions of Americans. The earlier stages often go unnoticed, but do have specific signs including persistent bad breath, red or swollen gums, and bleeding of the gums while brushing and flossing. If left untreated, the condition can worsen to the later stages of periodontal disease. At this point, the […]

Periodontal Services Simi Valley, CA

Do I Have Gum Disease?

If you’ve experienced changes in the appearance or feel of your mouth, there is a chance it’s the beginning of gum disease. Periodontitis is a serious infection of the gums that damages soft tissue and depletes the underlying bone that your teeth hold onto. Periodontitis can even cause your teeth to loosen or fall out […]

Periodontal Services Simi Valley, CA

What to Do About Bleeding Gums

Do you see red when you brush or floss? This is a tell-tale sign of bleeding gums. You may dismiss this as no big deal. It’s just a little blood, right? Actually, bleeding gums can be an early sign of gum disease. Your gums bleed when plaque builds up and causes your gums to become […]



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