Your Teeth Affect your Health

Dental Health, Simi Valley, CAYou may feel that your teeth are strong and invincible, but it’s really the fact that you’re taking care of your teeth with your Simi Valley dentist that is keeping them looking so good. And, your good dental health may actually be improving your overall health. Keep reading to learn what brushing and flossing is doing to keep your health in great condition, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Respiratory Problems

Did you know that your teeth can affect other parts of your body? It’s strange but true. Since our bodies are made up of interconnected systems, what affects one system can move over to another. We are constantly learning more about these connections.
New studies explore the connection between gum disease and lung infections, including pneumonia. Essentially, what they find is that by breathing in the bacteria that is sitting on your teeth, your lungs can be affected. They may even develop pneumonia as a result.

Cardiovascular Disease

The bacteria that comes from gum inflammation and disease can actually move from your mouth through the blood. If the bacteria in your blood makes it to your heart, you may experience hardening of the arteries. This serious issue can then lead to an increased risk of a heart attack.


The bacteria that comes as a result of gingivitis can move through nerve channels as well as the bloodstream. The bacteria can reach the brain through nerves or the bloodstream, where it can influence the development of Alzheimer’s disease or even lead to a stroke.

Dental Concerns

First and foremost, poor dental hygiene will affect your teeth. You may find yourself paying more for treatments like cavity fillings, gum disease treatment, or root canals to help repair damage to your teeth. In worst-case scenarios, you may find yourself losing teeth. We want to help you maintain the health of your teeth, which can impact your overall health. Brush and floss daily, and make sure to visit your Simi Valley dentist regularly.

Take care of your teeth and keep your health intact. If you’re due for a visit with your Simi Valley Dentist, give us a call today at (805) 584-1194 to schedule your appointment.

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