Waves of Sensitivity Through Your Mouth

dental treatments Simi Valley, CAWhy so sensitive? Have you ever asked this question of your teeth? When you drink a cold beverage or brush your teeth, do you have to keep it on the tepid side? It is not pleasant to have to do this. Also, it is not the norm.

For the last several years, we have seen advertisements for products aimed at solving the sensitivity issue. The problem with this type of marketing is that it gives consumers the idea that having sensitive teeth is no big deal. Annoying, yes, but nothing to worry about. Just a few days of brushing with the right product and all will be well again, right? Not really.

Seeing sensitivity as a problem could be a real problem. It is not often that the sensations that feel so unpleasant sprout up all by themselves. They usually get a bit of a push from something else that’s going on in the mouth. This may be:

  • The development of a cavity. When a cavity starts, the early sign may be slight sensitivity, either when you consume food or beverage, or for no apparent reason. The reason for the sensation is because the cavity has degraded enamel in one area. That area then allows more access to the inner tooth, where nerves live.
  • The erosion of teeth. Enamel is hard and strong, but, as we know, it can be weakened under the right circumstances. Cavities are evidence of that. Erosion is similar, only more extensive because the entire surface of a tooth can be worn down. Erosion is a problem that can wear down enough enamel that tooth nerves are constantly battered by stimuli. Thinned enamel is also a risk factor for cracks and chips.
  • The exposure of roots. Root exposure is as big a deal as cavities, erosion, and periodontal disease. In fact, when roots start to show, it is because the periodontal disease may be right around the corner. For exposure to occur, gums must pull away, or recede from tooth structure. Very early on in this process, sensitivity may occur due to the proximity of nerves to the root.

The bad news is that sensitivity can happen. The good news is that your Simi Valley dentist can find out why, and perform treatment to improve comfort. Call 805-584-1194.

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