Tips to save a knocked out tooth

woman hand on cheek face as suffering from facial pain, or toothacheAccidents happen, and the same is true with dental accidents. For some patients, a situation where a tooth has been knocked out of the mouth could happen. Some patients might think they will need tooth replacement, but if handled quickly and effectively, patients can increase the chances that they can save the tooth and have it reattached with the help of an emergency dentist. Simi Valley, CA area patients who are experiencing a dental emergency such as a knocked out tooth should call Dr. Patterson and his team to assess the situation and attempt reattachment. However, the likelihood of reattachment depends on the initial steps taken by an individual the minute the injury occurs.

Recommendations to increase the chances of replacing a knocked out tooth

  • Call an emergency dentist or endodontist within 30 minutes of the trauma.
  • Do not hold the tooth by the root, but by the crown.
  • Rinse the tooth gently with water if dirty, without using chemicals or soap.
  • Place the tooth back in the socket as soon as possible, if able.
  • Maintain moisture for the tooth, either by putting it back in the socket, holding it in the  mouth, putting it in milk, or using an emergency tooth preservation kit like Save-a-Tooth.
  • Connect with a professional as soon as possible to increase the chances of maintaining the tooth or reattaching it.

What happens if the tooth cannot be reattached?

There are times when reattachment is unable to occur. In these situations, the dentist will talk to the patient about their tooth replacement options. It is not a good idea to avoid replacing the tooth, as patients might experience problems such as shifting of the existing teeth and bone loss. Instead, patients will want to ask about replacement options including dentures, bridges, and implants.

Call Dr. Patterson if you are in need of tooth replacement

If you have experienced a knocked out tooth, time is of the essence, and patients should seek out an emergency dentist that can help in reattaching the tooth. Dr. Patterson works with individuals to help them after unexpected issues occur. Call (805) 584-1194 to request a consultation visit with our team at 2720 Cochran Street, Suite #2B.

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