Risks of gum disease

Man in pain holding his cheek with hand, suffering from bad tooth acheAt the practice of Dr. Casey Patterson in Simi Valley, CA, patient who are at risk of developing gum disease will often have questions for their dentist about how to reduce the chances of experiencing this common yet damaging infection. Gum disease, also referred to by our team as periodontal disease, is a condition that is caused by an infection that develops in the smile. This infection, like other infections in the body, can then enter into the bloodstream, being carried throughout the body and creating the “oral systemic connection.” Infections can occur in other organs and result in an increased risk of certain medical conditions.

What are some of the systemic diseases associated with periodontal disease?

Below are just a few of the common systemic diseases and risks that can stem from the development of disease in the mouth:

  • Low and pre-term birth weight during pregnancy
  • Increased chance of respiratory infections
  • Alzheimer’s disease/dementia
  • Diabetes
  • Increased risk of stroke
  • Heart disease
  • Erectile dysfunction in men

What are the links between gum disease and these systemic diseases?

While periodontal disease starts from bacteria in the gums, it can still be carried through the rest of the body and cause inflammation and infection elsewhere. The bacteria develops in the gum tissues, and often hides in the pockets that are created between the gum tissue and the natural teeth. These pockets allow for bacteria to thrive and multiply, increasing the severity of the infection in the smile. This inflammation is carried through the body and into other parts of the body, increasing the chances of developing other medical issues in conjunction with periodontitis. It is so important for patients to be diligent about caring for their smiles and visiting the dentist regularly, as early detection and treatment is vital for maintaining a healthy smile—and body!

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