The Dental Implant Process (Step-by-Step)

dental implant
Implants can restore not only your smile but also function. Some patients have been struggling without molars, incisors (front teeth), canines (pointed teeth), and premolars for years before they finally get implants, and they’re amazed by the difference. This transformation is thanks to the dental implant process.

These are the five easy steps of getting dental implants:

Step 1: Consultation and Treatment Planning

Patients meet with a doctor who offers restorative dentistry to determine whether implants are the right tooth replacement method for them. The treatment planning process includes taking 3D images of the mouth and jaw, as well as digital X-rays, to determine bone density and implant placement.

Some patients need additional bone placed in their jaw through a bone graft to prepare for an implant.

Step 2: Implant Placement With an Oral Surgeon

Dr. Bankhardt or Dr. Patterson refer their patients to a trusted oral surgeon who performs implantation surgery. Local anesthesia is administered before the surgeon places a titanium screw into the treatment site(s). This screw will be the anchor of the implant and, eventually, the base of the implant crown.

Step 3: Recovery and Bone Fusion

For three to six months after dental implant surgery, the bone in your jaw will fuse to the screw that the surgeon placed. This is a process called osseointegration. Once this is complete, phase one of implant treatment is officially complete, and you can return to your dentist for phase two.

Step 4: Crown Placement

After your jaw has healed and the implant anchor has fused with the bone, it’s time for a temporary crown. A permanent crown is made in the meantime and placed shortly after. Your permanent crown will be bleached to match the color of your teeth; at the end of treatment, your implant will look exactly like your natural teeth!

Explore Your Restoration Options

With Dr. Bankhardt or Dr. Casey Pattern, you can find the perfect tooth replacement method for your needs. Since 1984, the team at Dr. Bankhardt’s practice has helped thousands of people restore and care for their smiles.

To schedule your next appointment, please call 805-584-1194, or complete the online contact form.

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