When Should I Consider Implants To Retain My Full Dentures in Place?

cheerful middle aged man with beard standing against wall and smilingThe use of full dentures is a great way for patients with full tooth loss on the upper and/or lower arch to restore the function of their smiles. If you have full dentures, however, and have been considering implant-retained dentures, there are a few things to take into consideration. Dental implants placed along the dental arch can anchor a full denture in place, making it a more reliable restoration for those who might struggle with their regular dentures. Drs. Casey Patterson and Robert Bankhardt of the Simi Valley, CA, area can help you in deciding the right time to make the switch!

What are dental implants?

Most patients use dental implants to replace a single tooth. The titanium post is placed by an oral surgeon into the jawbone, and the abutment above the gum line is covered with a dental implant. However, these restorations are also used in retaining dentures if you have lost all of the teeth in the dental arch.

When should I consider dental implants to retain my full dentures?

Dental implants retain full dentures when other options are not providing enough stability. If your full denture is no longer fitting properly, is not secure enough, or if you are having issues eating and speaking with them, then dental implants may be an option for you!

Why should I choose dental implants?

Dental implants provide a more secure and comfortable fit than traditional methods of denture retention. They help maintain the health of the jawbone by providing stimulation that helps prevent resorption (shrinkage) of the bone that typically occurs when traditional methods are used. This makes dental implants highly beneficial in retaining full dentures.

Talk to your dentist about whether dental implants could be an option for you to better retain your full dentures!

Drs. Casey Patterson and Robert Bankhardt of Simi Valley, CA, encourage you to take time to learn about your options when it comes to smile restoration after tooth loss. If you are considering implants for your smile, call our office at 805-584-1194. We can evaluate your smile and provide a referral to an oral surgeon who can place the implants and prepare your smile for implant-retained dentures!

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