Restore your smile after tooth decay with white fillings

Are you experiencing a dull toothache that has lasted for days, even weeks? Do you notice that your teeth are incredibly sensitive to sweet foods or hot and cold beverages? If these changes have recently occurred, you may be dealing with a cavity, also known as tooth decay. Tooth decay is a common problem when patients are not diligent in keeping their teeth clean and healthy. At the practice of Dr. Casey Patterson, patients in the Simi Valley, CA area can learn about the signs of cavities and what to do to prevent and treat them. 

How to restore the smile after tooth decay 

In the past, many dentists focused on the use of silver amalgam fillings. Silver amalgam used to be a popular material used for fillings. However, silver amalgam fillings are formulated with mercury which is toxic to the body. Studies continue to show that silver amalgam fillings are not safe for the smile and should be avoided whenever possible. Instead, patients should consider alternatives such as tooth-colored or white fillings. These fillings are made with a composite resin that is safer and more aesthetic. 

Why should I avoid silver amalgam fillings? 

In addition to not being a biocompatible material for the smile, silver amalgam fillings are also highly noticeable in the smile. They are dark and stand out, making them extremely obvious. This can result in patients feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their smile and the look of having previous dental work completed. Additionally, silver amalgam fillings can expand and contract with temperature changes which can leave the inside of the tooth susceptible to infection. 

Request a visit with our team to learn more about tooth-colored fillings 

Patients of the Simi Valley, CA area who are interested in addressing areas of tooth decay with tooth-colored fillings are welcome to book an appointment with Dr. Casey Patterson by calling (805) 584-1194. The office is located at 2720 Cochran Street, Suite #2B and accepts new and current patients of the area. With the help of our team, you can enhance your smile while keeping areas of tooth decay from becoming much more problematic with time.  

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