How To Fight Against Cavities (and No! It’s Not Just About Sugar)

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Cavities are holes that are formed due to tooth decay. Growing up, you may have heard that sugar is blamed for cavities. Though sugar can contribute to the formation of cavities, it isn’t the direct cause of them.

As a cavity is a serious oral condition, learning how to mitigate it can be helpful. However, cavities are incredibly common, with the Centers For Disease Control reporting that 1 in 4 adults between the ages of 20-64 has at least one cavity. If a cavity forms, it can be easily treated with a dental filling.

Learn more about cavities, from prevention to treatment, by reading on!

What Causes Cavities?

Rather than sugary treats, plaque buildup is to blame for cavities. Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria constantly forming on the surface of teeth. When food, such as, but not limited to, desserts or sodas, comes into contact with the plaque, the bacteria housed within release tooth-degrading acid.

While plaque can cause oral damage to the gums and teeth, it is called a cavity when tooth decay becomes pronounced. Common symptoms of a cavity include:

  • Toothache
  • Visible pits or recesses within teeth
  • Discoloration on teeth
  • Tooth Sensitivity

Though cavities require treatment, there are ways to prevent them.

What Can You Do to Prevent Them?

Practicing proper oral hygiene by thoroughly brushing twice daily and flossing down to the gum line are excellent ways to combat the buildup of harmful plaque.

Another helpful tip can be to rinse your mouth or to drink plenty of water after a meal. By limiting the amount of food stuck to your teeth, you can significantly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria and their resources for producing the acid that degrades teeth.

Lastly, like with all things oral health, to both prevent and treat cavities, visit your dentist.

How Do You Treat Them?

While your dentist can provide helpful tips to aid your oral hygiene routine, they can also administer thorough dental cleanings.

However, should a cavity form, dentists can provide a filling. Dentists clean out the decayed portion of the tooth and fill in the tooth with material that can restore dental functionality and appearance.

Cavity Treatment in Simi Valley, CA

The caliber and experience of the dentist you work with can determine the outcome of your cavity filling.

Dr. Casey Patterson is committed to providing treatment that is right for you.

Please call 805-584-1194 or complete the online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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