Three Common Reasons Why Patients May Require Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Simi Valley, CAAt the practice of Dr. Robert D. Bankhardt, patients of the Simi Valley, CA community can seek a variety of dental treatments to improve their oral health and wellness. Unfortunately, there may be times where more aggressive treatments are required to bring the smile back to health. This includes situations where patients may require root canal therapy.

What is root canal therapy?

When patients hear “root canal,” it often brings to mind images and sounds of the dental drill or a response of pain and discomfort. However, patients should know that this treatment is done to alleviate pain and can provide a wonderful solution to a variety of concerns. The procedure allows the dentist to access the inner canals of the teeth to remove the dental pulp and to disinfect the area before sealing off the tooth. By performing root canal therapy, patients can avoid the extraction and replacement of permanent, adult teeth.

Why might I need root canal therapy?

There are many instances that can arise that may require patients to consider the benefits of this treatment. Some situations where root canal therapy may be required include:

  • Trauma to a tooth – if a tooth is broken or has experienced a direct injury, the dental pulp inside of the tooth may be affected. By performing this procedure on the tooth, patients can bring the natural tooth back to health.
  • Abscess – an abscess is a puss-filled growth that can develop along the gum line and result in an infection of the dental pulp. By performing a root canal, patients can save this tooth and maintain it even after treatment.
  • Large cavity – sometimes, cavities can become so large that they impact the structure of the tooth and cause pain within the dental pulp. The dentist can remove the dental pulp, which also removes the nerves that carry pain signals to the brain. The tooth can be sealed off and properly covered with a dental crown for optimum coverage and protection.

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