Do I Really Need A Root Canal?

Root Canal Simi Valley, CARoot canals are probably the most intimidating of all dental procedures, but the actual procedure is quick, easy and comfortable. Understanding why the procedure is necessary to protect your tooth may help you feel more confident about having the procedure.

What is a Root Canal?

The phrase “root canal” is used to describe a dental procedure, but for dental professionals, it describes a passage inside each tooth that contains the nerve and tissue known as “pulp.” A root canal removes the pulp that has been damaged by infection, a cavity, trauma to the tooth and other circumstances. Removing the damaged pulp and sealing the canal protects the entire tooth and jaw bone.

How Do I Know If I Need a Root Canal?

If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, you may need a root canal.

  • Swelling and inflammation around a tooth
  • Severe pain or aching
  • A puss-filled growth on the gums
  • Discolored tooth or gums

How is a Root Canal Performed?

Local anesthesia is used to numb the tooth and surrounding area. A small drill is used to make a hole in the crown of the tooth. The hole allows the dentist to access the pulp and nerve. The damaged pulp is removed, and the canal is sealed to prevent food particles and bacteria from getting inside your tooth.

What is the Recovery Like After a Root Canal?

We will prescribe pain medications to help you stay comfortable after your root canal. Although not necessary, you may want to spend the remainder of the day resting at home. We may recommend a soft food diet for a few days to give your tooth time to heal. Keep an eye on the area, and if you notice any problems or have worsening symptoms, schedule a follow-up exam at our office.

Do You Need a Root Canal? Contact Dr. Casey Patterson.

If you need a root canal, fillings, treatment for sleep apnea, teeth whitening or other dental services, contact Dr. Casey Patterson to schedule an appointment at our office in Simi Valley, California. You can also contact us directly at (805) 584-1194.

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