Five signs you need to visit the dentist

Regular dental visits scheduled six months apart are critical for overall dental health and wellness. However, there are other times and situations that can arise which may call for additional dental visits. Dr. Casey Patterson of Simi Valley, California is here to help. When certain issues happen between normal visits, it may be time to schedule an additional appointment. Schedule visits with our dental team if any of the below occur:

  • You’ve stopped chewing tobacco or smoking cigarettes. Congratulations on your accomplishment! Tobacco cessation should lead to a follow-up visit with the dentist to evaluate the mouth for signs of gum disease and cavities, while also providing a thorough examination to check for the signs of oral cancer.
  • You have diabetes. Patients who have diabetes are at a much higher risk of developing periodontal disease. An evaluation and education on how to manage diabetes to reduce these risks is critical to ensuring good overall health.
  • You are pregnant. Women who are pregnant have shifts in their hormone levels which may lead to changes in their oral health. Many women experience swollen, red, and inflamed gums during their pregnancy, and this is normal. However, it increases the need for routine brushing and flossing to keep this condition from progressing further.
  • You deal with chronic morning headaches. If you are falling asleep fine at night but wakening with headaches every morning, you may be dealing with other conditions that develop due to dental problems. Conditions such as bruxism can lead patients to clench and grind their teeth at night, while conditions such as TMJ can cause pain and discomfort around the jaw joints. Oral appliances can often assist with these issues.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with acid reflux. Acid reflux, also known as “GERD,” causes stomach acids to come up through the esophagus and oftentimes into the mouth. These acids can increase tooth erosion, dental decay, and other periodontal conditions. Working with a dentist will reduce the damage caused by GERD and other similar problems.

Schedule your dental visit today

While this is an extensive list of reasons for visiting the dentist, it is important that patients do so on a regular basis or at any point in time when there have been changes. Call the practice of Dr. Casey Patterson and his team in Simi Valley, California today at (805) 584-1194 to request an appointment with our staff.

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