Tooth Replacement in Modern Dentistry

Dental Implants Simi Valley, CAThe field of dental medicine has transitioned several times since inception. The desire for a full set of healthy, attractive teeth is certainly nothing new. Hundreds of years ago, humans performed treatments aimed at replacing missing teeth, and even whitening natural teeth, to the best of their ability at the time. We can say that innovation is always a good thing. We learn what works and we learn what doesn’t Today, we have numerous dental treatments that have significantly raised the bar. Dental implants are a prime example. Here, we touch on a few of the reasons why so many people are turning to this treatment for optimal resolution of problems related to tooth loss.

Small Structures, Big Impact

Dental implants are very small posts that are made of titanium, the same material frequently used in orthopedic implants. Each implant can range from 3.5 mm to 6 mm in diameter. The size of implant used is selected based on location in the mouth and the condition of bone tissue at the time of treatment. After implants are inserted, they become integrated with bone tissue just like natural roots were before tooth loss. It is this integration that leads to such astonishing results.

Some of the notable accomplishments of dental implants include:

  • High success rate. The goal of implant restoration is to give patients back the degree of function they once enjoyed and to set the stage for long-term function. Full integration of implant posts takes several months. After this time, patients need only care for remaining teeth and gums, so plaque and bacterial acid do not cause infection in soft tissue. Periodontal disease is the prime concern after tooth loss and treatment with implants.
  • Natural look and feel. Having a new set of teeth is good. Having artificial teeth that look like natural teeth, and that feel like them, too, has been unheard of – until now. The stability of implant-retained artificial teeth lets patients eat and laugh and speak with confidence.
  • Restorative care is more customizable now than it ever has been. Dental implants allow us to replace one tooth or all teeth. Whatever degree of loss has occurred, the smile can be reconstructed from the “ground up” using modern dental techniques.

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