When Should You Get a Cavity Filled After It Has Been Diagnosed by a Dentist?

woman suffering from toothache, looking to the camera in despair, holding tooth mold showing cavityHave you been diagnosed with a cavity by your dentist? If so, it is vital that you connect with a professional to have treatment as soon as possible. Dr. Patterson and his team can educate you on what a cavity is and why it is essential to seek treatment immediately after your diagnosis.

What Is a Cavity?

A cavity is a hole in the surface of your tooth that can range from small to large and is caused by decay. It occurs when bacteria build up in the mouth, forming plaque which then eats away at the enamel of your teeth. Over time, this decay spreads farther into the layers of your teeth and can cause significant damage if not treated.

How Soon After Diagnosis Should I Treat Tooth Decay?

It is best to treat a cavity as soon as it is diagnosed. Leaving the cavity untreated can cause further damage, including tooth decay and possible infection. The best way to prevent further damage from occurring is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Patterson at the earliest available opportunity. During this appointment, he can provide you with treatment options for restoring your oral health.

What Treatment Might Be Used To Address My Cavity?

Depending on the severity of the cavity, Dr. Patterson may suggest a tooth-colored composite dental filling or crowning of the affected tooth. Please note cavities should not be ignored, as they can lead to more serious–and expensive–dental complications down the road.

How Do I Care For My Filling or Crown?

After your tooth decay has been treated with a tooth-colored filling or a dental crown, aftercare is key to ensuring the longevity of the restoration and protecting your tooth from the risk of infection. Brush after each meal, floss at least once a day, and visit Dr. Patterson of Simi Valley, CA, at least twice a year for an evaluation. Additionally, if you experience any changes or problems with your smile before your next recall visit, schedule an appointment to avoid a small issue becoming a much more complex problem to solve.

Schedule an Appointment With Dr. Patterson Today!

If you reside in the Simi Valley, CA area and want to work with our team to address a cavity or other dental concern, call our office at 805-584-1194 to request an appointment at our facility. We are here to help both new and current patients with their oral health needs.

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