How to treat a cracked tooth

Photo of Depressed ill man having toothache and touching cheek. Mature man suffering from tooth pain, caries. Handsome gray hair male suffering from toothache, closeup. Portrait of casual 46 years mature man toothache with painful expression, sitting on sofa at home,Do you notice sharp pain when you bite into your favorite foods? Do you find that any type of pressure on your tooth causes discomfort? Do you find yourself chewing food on the opposite side of the mouth due to pain on the other side? If you are experiencing problems such as this, you might have a fractured tooth. A fractured tooth can become painful, and may also be the cause of a host of other problems if not diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. 

What are some common causes of cracked teeth? 

There are many reasons why a patient might experience damage to a natural tooth. Cracked teeth may occur due to: 

  • Chewing on hard objects like ice, hard nuts, or hard candy
  • A blow/trauma to the mouth
  • Persistent clenching and grinding of the teeth (known medically as bruxism)
  • Exposure to temperature extremes (drinking ice water after eating hot soup)

What can be done to repair a cracked tooth? 

There are several different approaches that Dr. Robert D. Bankhardt might take towards a damaged natural tooth. First, he will examine the tooth to determine how it is broken and how severe the trauma is. Then, a treatment option will be discussed with the patient. Smaller chips and cracks might benefit from a filling or composite resin bonding to repair it, while more significant damage, such as severe trauma that affects the dental pulp inside of the tooth, might require treatments such as root canal therapy, the placement of a full dental crown, or even permanent extraction. Whenever possible, the dentist will keep the tooth in place to avoid removal and replacement. However, some situations may warrant removal and replacement, especially if considerable trauma has occurred to the tooth’s structure. 

Do you have a cracked tooth? 

Taking early action is the best way to ensure the smile is cared for properly. Dr. Robert D. Bankhardt and his team of professionals in Simi Valley, CA are here to assist patients with a wide range of oral health needs, including smile restoration. Call (805) 584-1194 to request an appointment and discuss your needs with our team at 2720 Cochran Street, Suite #2B.

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