Commonly Misunderstood Dental Facts

dental services Simi Valley CAEven though so many of us visit the dentist like clockwork (every six months, on the dot), there are still so many common misconceptions we all carry with us about the dentist. Whether it’s about food, cavities, or how veneers work, we all can stand to learn a little more about how dentists really do work.

Sugar is Sugar

Yes, sugar is not great for your teeth. That we do not want to question. But, what’s interesting is that it’s not how much sugar you eat, but how often you eat it that determines your risk of developing cavities. When you eat that leftover Halloween candy, drink a soda, or eat anything sweet, it takes the bacteria about 20 seconds to convert that sugar to acid, which then lasts for about 30 minutes. Essentially, think about the time the acid stays on the surface of your teeth. If you drink a sugary drink quickly, it’s actually better for your teeth than if you sip on it over an hour or two.

Baby Teeth Don’t Need Brushing

So not true! Sometimes, we’ll hear that parents aren’t so concerned about the health of baby teeth. The kids will just lose them anyway, so what’s the worry? Unfortunately, that’s not the way to look at it. Setting your child up with proper dental hygiene habits before they get their adult teeth can help them understand how to keep their teeth healthy. If you consider baby teeth dispensable, then chances are it will be harder to teach your child to brush their teeth every day when they have their adult teeth.

Sensitive Teeth Mean Cavities

If you have a sensitivity, you may start to panic, thinking you have a cavity. Take a deep breath and stop worrying. Sometimes a sensitive tooth is just that. Sometimes it can mean an exposed root, a broken tooth, or that you need a root canal. Get your tooth checked by your Simi Valley Dentist, but understand that it may not mean anything serious.

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