Which Veneer Process Will Bring out Your Best Smile?

Veneers Simi Valley, CAVeneers have become a leading cosmetic dental treatment in recent years as more men and women have discovered the power of sparkling sheaths of porcelain for a radiant smile. Celebrity admission regarding the use of cosmetic tooth veneers has further increased consumer interest in smile enhancement for long-term gain. In our Simi Valley office, we are pleased to offer two suitable veneer options to help patients attain the smile of their dreams.

Did you know there are two types of veneers? Many people don’t. Porcelain veneers, which are indirect and made in a dental lab, are the most well-known process. However, there is also the option for direct veneers with the resin-based material. Here, we take a look at the differences between the two. The more you know about the nuances of veneers, the more prepared you are to make a smart decision for your smile.

Direct Veneers, aka Dental Bonding

The direct veneer process is usually conducted when a patient has a small concern, such as a minor crack or chip. To disguise the slight imperfection, a plastic-based material is chemically bonded to the tooth. Patients may appreciate the conservative nature of dental bonding; no tooth reduction is necessary. The composite resin used to enhance appearance can be spread out over a paper-thin surface, supporting the most natural appearance.

Indirect Veneers, aka Porcelain Veneers

Where indirect veneers differ from direct veneers is in the process of fabrication. A direct veneer is directly applied to enamel and bonded through a chemical reaction. The process of cosmetic enhancement with porcelain veneers is slightly more involved. First, we must reduce tooth structure so the fingernail-thickness of the veneer can be accommodated. Dental porcelain is quite fragile until it is bonded to the tooth, so the thicker structure is necessary. However, placement cannot be made to the natural tooth without creating a sort of “chicklet tooth” appearance. Cosmetic treatment with porcelain veneers requires two visits and minor tooth preparation. Results from this process are wonderfully natural-looking and long-lasting.

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